by George Clarke

As an architect I've dedicated my career to the meaning, design and construction of HOMES. Our home is the most important piece of architecture in our lives. It crafts the way we live, how we bring up our children and how we grow as a family. A well-designed home is a very special place that can enhance the way we live and can positively effect our emotional state. I also believe a well-designed home can promote our well-being.

Unfortunately, British housing is in a state of crisis. The government itself has stated that the housing market is 'broken'. The standard and quality of the mass housing estates we are building simply aren't good enough, while a generation of talented young people are turning their back on careers in the construction industry because house building simply doesn't inspire them.

I've launched The Ministry of Building Innovation + Education (MOBIE) to inspire young people to innovate in the creative thinking, design and construction of HOMES in the UK and abroad. It is for younger generations to define how they want to live now and in the future and MOBIE will help them do it. We are launching the first ever Higher and Further Education courses in 'Advanced Home Futures' and 'Advanced Home Construction'. We are also launching regional MOBIE facilities across the country to innovate and inspire people in all aspects of HOME creation. MOBIE will be a fun place to capture the imaginations of kids, a place for much needed R+D, a place for retraining, making, creative thinking and advanced craftsmanship. MOBIE will embrace the very best in global technology to innovate in new ways of living. Innovation will be our tool to create a cultural shift in the home industry.

MOBIE will disrupt a failing housing market to create a generation of future home thinkers and future homes that people genuinely want to live in. MOBIE is the start of something truly amazing and if, like me, you're passionate about revolutionising the way we design and build homes in Britain, then please sign up!



What We Do

MOBIE has made its mission clear; to inspire new generations into the building profession and fundamentally transform the way we think, design and construct homes both in the UK and abroad.

Launching in the North East of England as an educational, research and development organisation, MOBIE’s sole purpose is to focus on the creation of beautiful homes. Spearheading advanced home design and innovative construction thinking, the enterprise will work with both the industry and government to create homes that will genuinely transform the way we live in Britain.

MOBIE Founder, George Clarke said: “The slow and antiquated method of building new homes is painful and fundamentally, we still build homes the way we did hundreds of years ago. Whilst technology corporations, telecommunication companies, the automotive and aerospace industry are advancing at incredible rates, the house building industry is stagnant and it’s genuinely time for systematic change.

“There is a need for exciting innovation, opportunities to push the boundaries of what we build and how we build that will attract bright new minds into the industry. MOBIE will thrive on training, retraining, making, challenging the norm, building and creating pioneering twenty-first century homes that improve the way people live.”

In conjunction with Teesside University and with the support of the Tees Valley Combined Authority, MOBIE has developed a suite of courses in Advanced Home Construction starting with a Higher National Certificate and Diploma, an undergraduate degree programme, BSc (Hons) Advanced Home Construction (top up) and a postgraduate degree course – MSc Advanced Home Futures from this September.






Home is that most intimate of personal spaces. It embraces us, giving sanctuary and protection. It is the space in which we encounter our true private selves and nurture our most intimate relationships. It is the stage on which we enact the dynamic of family life and warm to the comfort of closest friends. Home is indeed where the heart is. It provides the foundation for a civilised society and is the building block of great cities.


There is a crisis in process of home making with many complex dimensions.


There is a chronic shortage of homes of the right type, at the right price and in the right location close to where people work. The brief for making homes is for is far too narrowly drawn.

Social Change

Social changes in the makeup and needs of the contemporary household are not reflected in the design of homes. The brief for making homes is far too narrowly drawn around assumptions about families with young children.

Construction Innovation

Thirdly the buildings of homes remains stuck with partially evolved Victorian technology as its main method of working. The speed of construction, cost, quality and environmental performance of home building in UK is lamentable even compared with quite conservative practice elsewhere in Europe.

People and Skills

Most importantly, building homes is seen as a low skill, low aspiration, and career choice of last resort for the bright, young and energetic people needed to confront these issues. Without them the necessary industry disruption will not happen. We will remain stuck in the current multidimensional crisis of home making.

There is an urgent need for an interdisciplinary space in which the creative and energetic minds can come together to reinvent the idea of what homes are and how they are made. MOBIE is that creative space.



If you'd like to find out more information about our MOBIE courses and want to enrol then please contact:

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